Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Wondrous Problem

Here is a part of the obstacle of transferring from
one media to another. This series of works, started with a charcoal drawing I did in a workshop at Arrowmont Art Center in Gatlingburg, Tennessee.
I took a week of workshops, one of which, was mono print. After our initial drawing we put a sheet of plexi glass over the work, then responded with printers inks and painting tools, then that was run through a printer press with paper. The result is the color print you see on the right.
What then is the problem? How do I covert the piece to glass or clay?
Each media has its own properties and neither will behave like charcoal nor paint. Clay may be the easiest, but do I make it flat or three dimensional? Do I color it with bright glazes or leave it monotone, do I raku it? Glass would be all together different and more difficult. Would I have to do one section at a time, and then fuse them all together, could I even get the curved shapes? That is the wonder of it all...what can I do, will it do what I want, and will I be as successful as with media I feel more comfortable with.?
A side bar...the name Griot is the name of an African story teller. When I saw pictures of tree buds in an plant book it captivated me at how much they looked liked story telling sticks and art I have seen from Africa. Can you see the influence?

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