Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Windows to the world/ Raku Vessel

Continues to one of my favorite art processes. Today it was very hot here in Florida, over 95F. So working outside with a roaring hot propane kiln and drenched in sweat and smoke one must really love doing this!

I was very pleased with this pot. Taking it out of the smoking ashes the coppers and golds peaked out at me like a sunken Spanish treasure being found deep in the ocean. There are details I didn't notice until the glazing coloration brought them out. The white sections that look like emblems take on a form of a building and green areas look like tropical leaves.
I like the variety of texture that I added with my handmade stamps and floral cloth.

Someone in my class asked me it the building with windows was intentional and it was not completely. It is four separate hand made square stamps that made this section.

The bottom left corner shows the detail of a piece of lace I rolled into the clay. I love the way the copper and green met yet the texture stayed the same.
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