Friday, August 19, 2011

Deja vu!

Once you make a hand made clay stamp that is not the end of its life, it is only the beginning! If you take a peak at the previous blog about lighting and colors in photo's of art, you may also note the stamp is the same acorn stamp as in this piece. But each piece has a very different feel. My teacher, Kathy, encouraged me to make many clay stamps so I would have an arsenal at my fingertips when creating. It was a great tip and comes in handy all the time. These are not large stamps less than an inch square. One is indented and one bas relief. They are easy to do. When the clay is leather hard, you can just sit and carve away. One of my classmates is a master at making her own stamps. She is patient and detailed. Her blog is under "blogs I follow" on the right side of the page, Barro y Arena.
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