Monday, August 15, 2011

Duncan McClellen is a glass artist whose work is absolutely stunning. He is a friendly generous person who promotes other artist and his community. His blown glass vessels are are large, colorful and etched with rich imagery. On a recent art walk in St. Petersburg, Florida I visited his studio. His studio is a work of art itself. He renovated an old sea food packing building into his hot shop, studio, galleries for rotating artist, office and his home. Off two decks are large areas of exotic fruits trees that thrive wonderfully in the middle of sandy Florida soil. He has a magic touch. The dog sculptures are new and I have yet to find who to honor with the creativity.

The photograph below shows some of Duncan's work and that of other artist. The mobile hanging above is made of rolled film negatives. Showing other artist work is a generous and supportive roll an artist can do for their community. Duncan is a wonderful role model.

These are not stellar photo's of Duncan's glass work, but if you go to Duncan's website you will find a wide range of work and better images.
Blown glass continues to amaze me. If you have ever watch someone blowing glass with hot molten liquid glass, beyond searing hot, rolling out a blob on a long metal pipe, blowing, turning, blowing, turning, large leather gloves holding tight, sweat is an awesome sight. St. Petersburg is also the site of the only Chihuly Glass Museum outside of Washington State.

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