Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artist Made Books

This is a handmade book I created during a workshop at Arrowmont Art Center in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I use a Japanese stab binding stitch to sew the pages together. The rusted found object is a door number I found when living in Izmir, Turkey. I love the worn, old, used, lived look of the metal piece and the thought of it as a door opening. The photo of the camel is one I took at a camel wrestling event near Izmir. I cut a window in the handmade paper and glued sandpaper for additional texture. The photo of the children were taken on a trip taken to the near by town of Bergama. I added a sheet of velum over the photo to add a hint of mystery, and the idea of peaking in on another's world. Lastly the ball is a carved bone bead with leather string. Bookmaking takes patience and lots of measuring and remeasuring. If you are off even a fourth of an inch in one part, the next part is off even more! But I was still pleased with the results. What do you think?

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