Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Detail from New Work

I thought I would highlight
close ups of my most recent piece, " Wet Dreams". Sometimes it is easy to miss the details for looking at the larger piece. There is so much symbolism that one can intuitively tap into just by being a conduit of a time and society. Artists are often that, a conduit, expressing our times just by living in a culture, a time and place. My time in South East Asia at the end of the Vietnamese war effected me deeply. When Viet Nam fell and refuges fled, I was a young art teacher on Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. People came on rafts, in boats and any thing that would float...as teachers we were ask to help get names, and settle children. We processed through 70,000 adults and children . War is never good, people die, people are injured, lose their homes, separated from families...remember the song, "War, What is it Good For"?
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