Thursday, August 11, 2011

This raku piece is really at the heart of what the process of art is about for me. Is it a failure, is it a success? It is really four separate pieces that found their way together. The torso figure dropped out of my hands on the way to the car and broke, the primitive dog/wolf creatures cracked in the extreme contrast of heat in the raku firing. The base section was one I had intended to put found objects in. So should I throw them all out because they are broken, should I give up on each piece or can they find a home together? There is still more to muse about this piece, like can I add found objects to the circle areas? To me art is about the process, how can this work, what if I put this here or there, can I accept it is not what I had envisioned in the beginning? In teaching I have found that is one of the most difficult things for children and adults..if they have a certain end in mind, they deem it a failure if it changes along the way. What we all have to understand is that the creative process is a system of problem solving.
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