Saturday, August 6, 2011

These two pieces use a slightly different approach than the ones I shared before. The one on the right has chips of dichroic glass adhered to clear glass. At first I was not happy with it, it seemed to lack color. Then a friend suggested it would let color of the clothing show through and change its look with what one wore. It did and it does! It is good to keep an open mind and listen to others ideas.

The piece on the left...shows two things happening if you look closely. It has a sheen and smoothness the previous pieces do not. I put a sheet of clear glass over the dichroic pieces I had placed below. If you look closely there is a separation of the mottled blue above and the purple stripes below....the glass has pulled away and the clear glass underneath is showing. Most fused glass artists would deem this a mistake, but I like it. I like to learn the rules and break them. If you always accept others idea of what something should look like then you are not creating new paths.

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