Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I like to think of all my readers as an extended world family and perhaps together we can find a little spot together where it is peaceful and all the world's problems are at bay for awhile. So let me introduce you to another family member. This is Zafer. He is eight now. He was brought home by partner, who works for Hospice, one day. His owner had cancer and had to find a home for some kittens. Zafer fit in the palm of my hand the day he came home. He is part Japanese Bob tail and has a unique personality. He is skittish with all but us, and aloof like all cats. He decides when he will accept your love! As he gets older he has mellowed and has become a big time night cuddler. He likes to like in my art studio on top of my drawings. The sun comes in for him just right there and he can laze and sleep all day dreaming of mice dancing in his head!
Zafer is a Turkish name. We named him after one of our very best friends in Izmir. I will always thing of him as Rick in Casablanca..so handsome. Here's to you Zafer in Izmir!
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