Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Art of Cooperation/A Joint Venture

Working with another artist can be an interesting and fun thing to do. Sometimes it brings out a side of yourself that might not happen if it weren't for the influence of the other artist. My sister in law, April Gordon, is a wonderful potter. She is also a professor of sociology and author's books on African studies and politics. We happen to share the same birth day, birth year and birth month! She is a wonderful person! She can throw large and beautiful pots. I do not throw anymore due to arthritis in my hands. But I can glaze and decorate!

April visited recently and was a guest at my clay class. Mouths flew open and jaws dropped as she threw one pot right after another. She left me with bowls to trim and decorate.

So I dipped and glazed. I then took black slip and
thought of Japanese ceramics, which I love. Someday I would love to go to Japan and visit every pottery town and village! Also I would love to go to the mountains where the snow monkeys and hot springs are!
Thank you April, next time we will try adding photo images Sister.
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