Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams, Rêves Humides, sueños mojados,влажные сновидения, sogni bagnati,sonhos molhados....That is the title of my piece.

I originally had planned to do a two dimensional piece. The day I walked into the studio I walked past an antique dress form I bought years ago. It was a little more expensive than I had wanted and paid bit by bit until I had paid in full. Then it sat in my studio until I began to work on the piece for the Dali, "Liquid Desires Event". As I walked past, it seemed to call to me. I picked it up, sat it on my studio table and the soft morning light brought out the soft rounded forms of antique cotton and woman's shape. From there I began a ritual I often do for almost all of my creations...I surround myself with possibilities...I try this piece and that, like a puzzle with hundreds of combinations. Then as I work a composition starts, almost like music, it flows, to an upbeat and down, to bass and treble, then each part seems to come together and finally it all seems right and I say aha! There! I see you! And it is then all seems right with my artistic soul.
The photo above is an old image I saved from years ago. I keep a file and when something catches my eye, I keep it, never knowing at the time where it will find its home. The close up is also the pupil of an eye, a double vision that Dali used so often. You also see circles and dots floating thought the piece as a method of unifying the images. I have always loved Dali's painting of his dead brother that is made with a series of dots, and also again in the The Hallucinogenic Toreador
there are dots that begin to transform into other images.On the rear of the Assemblage is an early picture of a Javanese woman from an old 1930's photo almbum I bought at an antique store. The album was filled with photographs of a wealthy man from Miami who evidently traveled the world. Her image is mysterious, looking out at you from the past. She wears a sarong and no top. As you may notice her breast are rounded and circular that repeat again in shape like the circles that transform into her face and then in to black circles.
The black netting has many meanings, like a Spanish woman's mantilla, a fisherman's net, a sexy woman leg hose...but for me it has even more personal meaning-it was my Aunt Josephine's hair net from the 1950's.

This is a close up of a porcelain hand that was originally a glove mold. A close friend bought it for me hoping some day I would use it in art work. On this side of the porcelain hand I had done photo transfers of a crowd scene in Asia. I wanted the repetition of circles, the Asian influence, and the high contrast of black and white. I also wanted the mystic of the past.
On the back side of the dressmakers form the netting does an interesting thing I had not first noticed, it takes the form of a woman's thighs and legs. Sitting above the dress form is an old drawer to a peddle sewing machine. My Mother was an an accomplished seamstress among many of her talents. In another view you will see a close up of the metal and stone artifacts on the sewing drawer which have phallic and sexual references as much of Dali's art does.
The miniature glass bottles refer back to a assemblage art that Dali did with a black coat and shot glasses filled with green alcohol. These were originally a watchmakers collection filled with parts for repairing watches.
Dadaism evolves into Surrealism in a time when the world seemed askew, not unlike the present. Dali, Breton, Duchamp and Giacommeti were influenced by the times that seemed so chaotic and the thinkers of the day. Freud's psychological theories of dreams symbology and sexuality all play into the art that they are creating. If you are interested read more about the revolution of objects and Nadja. This work of art is influenced and gives a nod to these men and their times. I find myself very comfortable in the world of surrealism. As I look back at my art over the years I think I have been a surrealist more often than not.
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