Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sleeping Gypsy

This is a site I have been following called Artist and Dreams. Lauri posted this wonderful poem.

I wanted to highlight her creativity and absolute beautiful imagery in this poem. I will highlight other artist creativity as we go thought this journey together. Wonderful job Lauri!

The Sleeping Gypsy

The sleeping gypsy awakes
to the singing of the Moon
The lion roars to see such fun
and dances a desert tune

Oh slip along the sands, my love
Oh drink from the land of night
Smiling in fullness, dear Moon above
redolent in dreams of light
A quaint refrain of remembered rain
carries us over sharp hills of pain
into a dream of life that plays
Strum gallant minstrel, of wander's ways
Loyal Leo will lick your wounds
refresh with nature's might
All our world a whirl of sound
swearing love and luck will soon rebound
Music will fill the sands with glee
Play, dear gypsy, wild and free
No fear to scale your flight
All in a desert's night

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