Friday, August 19, 2011

Does a Tiger roar, or say grrrr?

This ceramic tile I made is a reverse mold. I found an antique tiger métal figure I liked for a mixed media art piece I am working on. I pushed the metal into wet clay. I then bisque fired the clay. Once it was fired, I then rolled out a fairly thin slab of clay and worked it into the mold. I carefully lifted it out so its shape would not warp. A hint if you want to try this is to spray some cooking oil, like Pam in your mold first and will release easier. Now I know many of my readers live in many different countries and animals say different sounds depending on the county and language. Like a pig in the United States says oink, but in Demark he says snort! What does your tiger say in your country? Coming next is Mooo, guess who?

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