Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Rabbit's Moon Studio to you all!

I was thinking of all the New Years I have spent in different countries.  I remember celebrating with friends in Olongopo, Philippines.  I remember a Christmas and New Years spent in Singapore and then there was another Christmas and New Years spent in India and Nepal. 
 In Izmir, Turkey we brought the New Years in with wonderful Turkish friends and American Air Force servicemen stationed overseas. 
 One of my very favorite New Years was spent with friends in Scotland at the base of the Edinburg Castle in Princess Gardens celebrating Hogmanay.  It was a sight that is incomparable with the fireworks bursting directly above you and the huge metal baskets aflame as in if in some ancient battle.  I also learned Scots could drink that year as I watch the ambulances come by to pick up all the pass out revelers! 
We also welcomed in the New Year atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville where you can see the fireworks popping here and there from valley to valley.  
And here in Florida with the Gulf waters lapping at my toes, the palm breeze nuzzling my hair, I can stand on the bay and watch the celebration of a New Year reflected in the Gulf waters...a new year being born!  Where ever you are I wish you the very best of New Years and a year full of art!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Ian Darragh 
(Click on Ian's name for a link to his art)

is an artist I happened upon today as I was searching for a quote to share with you.  Nothing seemed to be catching my attention and as I looked deeper into the site I found this article about a wonderful Irish artist by the name of Ian.  His work and story touched me deeply and I thought it might have meaning for you and many others.  Ian had a life of many challenges, but his art was an ever present companion until he could no longer paint or draw.
I have known many people and had many friends who have multiple sclerosis.  It can be such a debilitating disease that robs a person of their ability to function doing the most minor of things.  The beauty of Ian's art is so delicate and fragile and yet mysterious that it draws one into his paintings deeper and deeper. I cannot help but think his disease gave him a pathway to express something about how delicate and fragile life can be in a way we could not see on our own. 
In highlighting Ian's work we highlight multiple sclerosis awareness as well and those who struggle with this disease.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Andrew Goldsworthy/Artist and Naturalist

Art of Andrew Goldsworthy
Andrew Goldsworthy is a unique and wonderful artist.  I am reminded in his work how often artist's have a  different vision and present the world to us with fresh eyes.  No matter how different you art is, you must believe in yourself.  I can imagine all the naysayers when Andy began his installations in nature. "They won't last!", "junk made of twigs and stones, how is that art?", "I could do that, take a bunch of snow and branches and call it art" can imagine the resistance he must have encountered.  His Father and Mother wishing he would go in to a more common sense occupation and a cousin snickering behind his back thinking to himself, "all he did in grammar school was play with sticks, see where that will get him!". People who do really visionary and new things are often ridiculed because they dare to think differently or envision something that has not existed before. But that is the world of an artist, to innovate, so in that world we must expect to meet resistance and to encounter naysayers and unbelievers.  This is the journey of the artist, part of the path we must walk.  Andy Goldsworthy walks it well, he has presented the world back to us in a way we have never seen it before...with incomparable beauty and if he is a partner with nature.  I dare say the same disbelievers now say, "Oh, I knew in kindergarten he would become a world famous artist!".  It is amazing how success makes everyone gather round and heap praise, where once they could not be found while the artist is finding his way.  But Andy believed in himself and his art...he now we have books, installations, and museum exhibitions where there would have been none if Andy had listen to all the negative lingering out in the form of art critics, curators and bubble poppers.  Believe in yourself, believe in your art...that is Andy's message to us as artists.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

 Interesting Art Facts

*Oil paintings generally cost less to frame than equally sized prints.
*Lighting on a painting needs to be dimmer at night and brighter during the day.
*Reputable galleries offer the same prices as their artists offer directly.
*An artist's best work is usually sent to his most productive gallery to sell.
*Fluorescent lighting causes more fading of artwork than incandescent lighting.
*Giclee prints are just high quality ink-jet prints on fancy paper or canvas.
*Most couples do not agree on artwork for their home, initially.
*Art prices are set just like other prices--by supply and demand.
*Added lighting almost always enhances any painting, regardless of style or color.
*Most art buyers acquire it to enhance their home interiors.
*Art has surpassed the stock market in appreciation over the past twenty years.
I found these interesting art facts online and thought you might enjoy them. Please feel free to suggest others.  If you have trouble with the comment section let me know and e-mail me directly at
Thank you, Betsy

Thoughts on Creativity by Julia Cameron/The Artist's Way

"Our creativity never leaves us.  Sometimes, however its surface appearance fades away.  We become parched for longing for our work, but our source of strength are not now our easy tricks.  We are being  humbled and opened for greater work to come through us, and that humility feels like humiliation, that opening up like a gaping wound.  We are deathly afraid art has left us alone forever, that we will never see our beloved's face or feel its simple touch.   "I was such a fool", we think.  "I took to much for granted".  And we did. But faced with drought, we don't any longer and that is the beginning of humility and honesty.  It is the beginning of emptying ourselves so art can pour through us."  
Julia Cameron/Artist's Way/ Every Day

Monday, December 26, 2011

An Artist and Genius/Leonardo Da Vinci

A wonderful NPR article about the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. Click on the highlighted name and you will be led to the article.  Enjoy.

Today Family Visit to the Dali Museum!

During the holidays it is nice to support the arts in what ever way you can: support an artist by buying original art work, buy a museum membership that gives all year long, go to a performance, attend a play, take your family to the Dali Museum!   It is wonderful to share the arts, and it something we can do as artists, art educators, and art lovers.  Take time in your life to share your love of the arts with others and share your enthusiasm and insight.  Happy Holidays, Betsy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Michelangelo/Sistine Chapel Detail
"When artists are working regularly, they are spiritually centered.  The act of making art is a spiritual act and our daily exposure to this realm is does have an effect on our personality.  It does not matter what language we use to describe it.  Art puts us in touch with a power higher than ourselves. The constant contact brings us a sense of optimism and grace.  As we sense there is a benevolent Something inclined toward helping us and our work, we begin to feel a sense of companionship.  Higher forces are at our side.  We are not alone." Julia Cameron/The Artists Way

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Salamat Po Philippines!

Salamat Po! 

 That is thank you in Tagalog.  I owe the Philippines and the Filipino people a big heartfelt thank you.  I was a young teacher in my twenties when I lived in the Philippines for three years.  The country and the people welcomed me warmly and began an education of an American youth who knew little of the world.  Those formative years would influence me the rest of my life.  I have so many wonderful memories of visiting Filipino families and friends whose hospitality unbelievably generous.  If you want to feel like a queen or king, just be a guest in a Filipino home!  So I thank you, because of you I learned not to be a person of one country, but a citizen of the world.

                                                                     Parol/Decorative Christmas Star

Rabbit's Moon studio: Happy Holiday from Rabbit's Moon Studio

Rabbit's Moon studio: Happy Holiday from Rabbit's Moon Studio: Merry Christmas and Happy Holdiday's Rabbit's Moon Studio This picture was taken in Asheville, North Carolina last Christmas. It captures ...

Happy Holiday from Rabbit's Moon Studio

Merry Christmas and Happy Holdiday's
Rabbit's Moon Studio

This picture was taken in Asheville, North Carolina last Christmas.  It captures the feeling of the season, of cold and bundled up instead of the 80 degrees temperature we have today in Florida.  All of Christmas week is above average temperatures, sunny shine and shorts weather.  Can you believe it!?  The beach and shorts, palms and a tropical breeze.  It is winter in Florida.

Merhaba Turkey!!!!

It is so nice to see so many of you visiting today.  I have wonderful memories of Christmas in Izmir and Ramadan. Wonderful food, wonderful friends, and a beautiful country. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rabbit's Moon studio: Thoughts on Creativity

Rabbit's Moon studio: Thoughts on Creativity: I love Julia Cameron's thoughts on creativity and often turn to one often turn to one of her many books I have in my collection for inspirat...

Thoughts on Creativity

I love Julia Cameron's thoughts on creativity and often turn to one often turn to one of her many books I have in my collection for inspiration when I need to think about why I am not doing art or when I need to think deeply with insight. I turned to the quote today and thought you might enjoy it also. Betsy

"Creativity involves process, and process involves change.  The truism we often hear is that we often resist change because change is difficult or change is painful.  This is not quite accurate.  It is the resistance to change that is difficult or painful.  In the same way, it is the resistance to our creativity that causes us to equate it with suffering.  It is important to remember that effort and suffering are two different things"
a quote from Julia Cameron, the Artist Way,  A Year of Creative Living

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah to all our Jewish friends!

Welcome Slovenia!!!

Welcome Slovenia it is so nice to have you join us!

Welcome Croatia!

So nice to have you on board!

Welcome Cambodia!!

It is so nice to have you with us.  It is always fun to greet a new country to Rabbit's Moon Studio Blog. We look forward to learning more about Cambodia and its artists!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas cards made by famous artists for fiends and family

Here is a link to a Smithsonian article about famous artists Christmas Cards.  Very creative and definitely different!  The first on the left is Darrow and then the second is Guston.  
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