Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Rabbit's Moon Studio to you all!

I was thinking of all the New Years I have spent in different countries.  I remember celebrating with friends in Olongopo, Philippines.  I remember a Christmas and New Years spent in Singapore and then there was another Christmas and New Years spent in India and Nepal. 
 In Izmir, Turkey we brought the New Years in with wonderful Turkish friends and American Air Force servicemen stationed overseas. 
 One of my very favorite New Years was spent with friends in Scotland at the base of the Edinburg Castle in Princess Gardens celebrating Hogmanay.  It was a sight that is incomparable with the fireworks bursting directly above you and the huge metal baskets aflame as in if in some ancient battle.  I also learned Scots could drink that year as I watch the ambulances come by to pick up all the pass out revelers! 
We also welcomed in the New Year atop the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville where you can see the fireworks popping here and there from valley to valley.  
And here in Florida with the Gulf waters lapping at my toes, the palm breeze nuzzling my hair, I can stand on the bay and watch the celebration of a New Year reflected in the Gulf waters...a new year being born!  Where ever you are I wish you the very best of New Years and a year full of art!
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