Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thoughts on Creativity by Julia Cameron/The Artist's Way

"Our creativity never leaves us.  Sometimes, however its surface appearance fades away.  We become parched for longing for our work, but our source of strength are not now our easy tricks.  We are being  humbled and opened for greater work to come through us, and that humility feels like humiliation, that opening up like a gaping wound.  We are deathly afraid art has left us alone forever, that we will never see our beloved's face or feel its simple touch.   "I was such a fool", we think.  "I took to much for granted".  And we did. But faced with drought, we don't any longer and that is the beginning of humility and honesty.  It is the beginning of emptying ourselves so art can pour through us."  
Julia Cameron/Artist's Way/ Every Day
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