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Durer, an Influence on Outlaw Printmakers and All

ALBRECHT DURER(click for link)
Printer Unparalleled 

The Rhinoceros by Durer
 from google image

google image

These are two of my favorite Durer etchings and for completely different reasons.  The Rabbit or Hare has long been a favorite for its pure elegance in skill and representation of nature.  Besides I love rabbits!  Albrecht Durer is who I always think of if I think of the best example of excellence in etching and print making.  The Outlaw PrintMakers often give a nod to him as one of their main influences among others. 
The Rhinoceros is one of my favorite etching for its history,  scientific value, and lastly how our brains perceive things. I often used this print in teaching students about converting a written   description to a visual one.  It made for a very interesting lesson.  The story about Durer's Rhino print goes like this.....Rhino's had not been seen in Europe yet, a friend sent a letter with a description of a rhino and Durer makes a sketch based on the description in his friends letter.  The story varies a bit upon more research, but it not majorly. 

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Sean Starwars' recommended we get to know the Hancock brothers.  Sean is taking us on a tour of Outlaw printmaking.  He is our lets take a look at these amazing brothers out of Texas.
Texas Hexes by Charles and John Hancock
from google image
Dirty Printmakers of America

Gansta Look of the Hancock Brothers  from google image

Charles and John Hancock are known as the Amazing Hancock Brothers (click) in some art circles.  Woodcuts, silkscreen prints and mixed media are their media.  They work together on mixed media prints and its difficult to identify the processes at times.  They use plastic, metal flashing, mattress covers and all kinds of recycled materials to print on.
Amazing Hancock Brothers Mixed Media Printmaking
from google image
  There is a bit of a bad boy quality to their work, they love to push things to a bit of a naughty edge. There prints are filled with Sumo Japanese wrestlers, clowns, and pits, livestock and other subjects.  They are from Texas, and figure that can get away with what ever they want...just cause!!  They are also half Mexican and half Chinese, which adds to the mystery and fun.  I think you will find there work fun and interesting if not a bit kinky.  Theirs is a world of circus mirrors that warp subjects in strange and fascinating ways. A place where our Mardi Gras selves can celebrate and party all we want without societies propriety, we can just let loose out loud as we frolic through their world of art! 

Here's looking at your Kid! This Week in Review

Movie Still from Cassablanca                                  from google image
Ricks famous lines in Cassablanca...."Here's looking at you kid!"  And "Play it again Sam." What a classic, I can never watch if enough.  Nor do I ever get tired of seeing where all of you are that visit ever week.  It is so exciting to watch country after country check in to Rabbit's Moon.  And as always we are not only excited but thankful so many people across this big world, love art and support art in their little piece of this planet!  So let's see who checked in this week!

United Kingdom
United States

POST NOTE:  if you know you visited and your country did not appear in the list, it is because the app that counts durning the week will not list visits of smaller samples.  I try to catch them on that day and write them down, but sometimes I miss someone and I am sorry if that happens.  You are all important to us!

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Quote by Picasso

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.”

Portrait    from google image

Pablo Picasso

Outrageous, fun, wild is Dennis McNett!

After our visit with Sean Starwars' we learned about the movement of the Outlaw Printmakers.  That research has led to a discovery of more artists and a new network of artists.  Sean has recommended more artists in this area for you to be aware of  and I will present them one at a time.  We will start first with Dennis McNett of Wolfbat studio.  

The Art of Dennis McNett(click)

Viking Parades of Dennis McNett  from google image

Dennis is in the same vein and style of the Outlaw printers.  His lines are bold and come right at you with a force not to be denied.  There is a raw fun with these printers.  Dennis does installations about skateboarders and Vikings that are so engaging.  They are just totally different than what the staid art of the status quo has been.  They wake you up and say...things can be different, things can be can be a parade, a circus....and this takes me to Andy Calder and circus mini sculptures he made in Paris intertaining other artists and friends with.  Calders circus was different than the art of the time and pure fun, that is what I see in this vein of printers and Dennis McNett.  There are clickable links above for you to learn more about Dennis. I highly encourage you to do so.  I think this is a movement we should all pay attention to...the energy, the creativity and the courage to form a new path are all the elements that make a group into a movement and form a new style in the art world.  

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The Art Critic

The critic has to educate the public; the artist has to educate the critic.
Oscar Wilde

Raul Hausmann The Art Critic From google image

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Quote by Beverly Sills on Art

Beverly Sills

Welcome Tanzania!!!!

Wow a new country to us!!!!  Welcome to Rabbit's Moon Studio, we so look forward to getting to know Tanzania and its arts and culture better.  It is so nice to have you.
We Like:                                                                     

Tanzanian Artist            Peter Ray Mwahsa             

from google image

Another Bench Mark Met for Rabbits Moon!!!! We are Celebrating!


Our bench marks come faster because so many people are reading around the world daily now!  From Bahrain, to the United Arab Emirates to Belgium to Sinapore to China to Russia, to Austrailia to Turkeye to Germany, to England and so many more...ah and yes The United States!

Book by Walter Piper     image from google image

Children round the world are read different versions of this story and I was no exception.  I remember the story well, and asking my Mother to read it over and over again.  Of course it is about persistence and not giving up...just trying...but children don't know that they think it is a good story and love to yell the lines out over and over, "I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN, I THINK I CAN... I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN, I KNOW I CAN"

NOW GO PUT YOUR I THINK I CAN'S TO WORK AND TURN THEM INTO I KNOW I CAN!!!Thanks once again for your loyalty and support readers, it is you who are making this little blog go around the world!

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Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman The Magnificent(click for link)

by Titan            from google image
Titan did four portraits of Suleiman 

Researching the post for Reza Abbasi became fascinating for me as I realized he had painted miniatures for the Ottoman Empire.  Walking the grounds of the Topkapi, gazing at their massive collection of treasures and  having with winter winds whip across the Bosphorus chilling me to the bone...came alive again in my memories.  Turkish tea in Tulip glasses and walking the  ancient city of Istanbul will always place high among my favorite travels.  The absolute magnificence of the Blue Mosque and the Haiga Sophia, each within site of the other.  The Spice Market and the Grand Bazzar all linger in my mind almost as time travel to another era.  One walks with ghosts of a thousand years.  Standing in the court yard of the Topkapi Palace I can almost feel the presence of Suleiman himself, his long robes flowing, his angular face, and the leader of the largest empire in the world...The Law Giver.  

Tugra of Suleiman the Magnificent
He was a man of art, poetry, architecture and tolerance who built a city where there were mosques, churches and synagogues. He was a man of uncommon vision at a time when it would have been easier to be less so.  I found myself enamored with this man who loved learning, who could do battle, but write tender poetry to his wife Roxana.  A man who would send ships to Spain to save hundreds of Jewish people from the horrible times of the Inquisition.  An enigma of a man and a leader, but so fascinating.  I thought you might like to know more about the times and the art., so here are some links for you.  
The Age of Suleiman The Magnificent
The Art of the Turkish Miniature

The sense of a perspective is so interesting during this time.  It is a simple perspective that is  raised  so that depth is achieved by drawing the background higher in the art work.  The hand and body positions are stylized and stilted.  The colors are bright and bold.  As I told you in an earlier post getting to hold one of these albums in my hands was an awesome moment in my life.  You can read and read about something, but when you hold it in your hands, you feel it, then it is no longer a story or a is history really happened!  It is the same feeling I got at Ephesus, the ancient Greco/Roman city, when I put my hands down in the ruts of the marble road and felt the chariot tracks....before that this was just something in a Hollywood movie or a dusty history book, then it became real and it touched my life forever.

Minatures done for Military Campaign album
post script/spelling 
As I enter the name Suleiman in the computer, it wants to correct me to Suleilman...if anyone want to email me an tell me the correct spelling I am would be happy to know.

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Reza Abrassi, Iranian/Persian Artist of Minatures

I so often concentrate on Western centered art and artists I often forget to focus on Middle Eastern Art and Artists.  The time I spent living in Turkey opened my eyes to so many different areas and styles of art than those I had studied in college or been exposed to in my own country.  I especially fell in love with miniature paintings and illuminations in journals and albums.   I had many wonderful visits to the Tokapi Palace Museum in Istanbul.  I wandered the grounds and viewed the large collection in absolute awe.  I was studying Islamic and Turkish Folk arts at the time.  I had applied to see Suleiman The Magnificent's journals, but thought it was not going to happen because I was at the end of my two year stay.  And wouldn't you know the last few weeks it was ok'd.   I had to rush about getting all the stamps and signatures I needed, but happen it did!  I got to hold those precious journals in my own two hands. It will always be one of my major life events!  As I was researching Iranian Artist I ran across Reza Abbsasi.  His work reminded me much of the style I had seen in Sueliman's journals.  This one was captivating because it is of a portrait of the artist painting.  The blues in the turban are striking, as well as the bright red in his robe.  The left leg angle and body positioning is also interesting.  Reza was one of the few miniature artists of his time that signed his work, dated it and often put interesting side comments.  His work is also known by the gold background and oft single figure.  There is a museum named in his honor, the Reza Abbasi Museum.  

Reza Abbasi

Additional Information on Printmakers

For those of you interested in printmaking I thought you might like this link that will connect you with printmakers around the country and in other areas.  The site is listed below and clickable.

Printmakers                     photo from google image

Izmir, Turkey

Merhaba Izmir, Turkiye
It is so nice to have you visit.  I lived in Izmir for two years and enjoyed it so very much.  I still remember looking at the homes on the hillsides light up like a million stars and eating calamari along the bay!  


Welcome Kenya!

Naomi Wajlku                photo from google image
Our list of new countries is growing this week.  We welcome you and invite you to join Rabbit's Moon studio blog.  We have a growing membership and would love to add Kenya.  We are so glad to have you visit and join our readers world wide.  We look forward to learning more about Kenyan Art and Culture. 

post script: I love Naomi's description that went with her painting,"Kenyan women have many burdens to carry, yet we walk  tall".

Friday, April 20, 2012


Taken in Delores Hildalgo Mexico, a town of ceramics
For our weeks visitors I would like to add Thailand, Czech Republic and Hong Kong.  Thank you all for making it an amazing week.  

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Around the World We Go...What did this week bring!?

Imagine  The World Full of Art, I Can!

Cool Bus Stop by Dennis Oppenheim   Ventura, California    from google image
These are the countries that visited Rabbit's Moon Studio this week.  We so appreciate you!

United States
United Kingdom

Land Art by Andrew Rodgers      Chile 

Post note
If you know you have visited this week and you do not see your country listed, it is because the app counter totals largest numbers of visits at the end of the week and then I lose the visits from countries who have smaller numbers.  So sorry if that happens, I want to acknowledge everyone who visits!  You are all important to me.

Make a Difference today, Use your Art for Good!
Help a person, a community or the World.  Being an Artist makes you a powerful person, you can imagine, you can can make a difference!

Quote by Picasso

Pablo Picasso   Self Portrait   from google image
Painting is just another way of keeping a diary
Pablo Picasso

Welcome Azerbaijan !!!

from google image/Art of Azerbaijan Museum
Welcome it is so nice to keep adding new countries to our readers list.  We look forward to learning more about Azerbaijan and its arts and culture!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Thank you all so much!!!  We broke another record!  It has just been wonderful to see this little blog grow so much with your support.  It is so gratifying to look everyday at people signing in from Asia to the Middle East to Europe and Australia. 

  Celebration by  Keith Mallet (CLICK) 

We are Heading Towards A One Day Record!!!!

I will announce at the end to the day if we break our one day readership numbers.  I get so excited when I see this happen.  Thank you all for contributing.  You are wonderful.  What a great world we have out there, if we can just unite people in the arts!!

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Outlaw Printmakers/ A Movement in the Making

Outlaw Printmakers  * Post 1*

Possum Prominade by Tom Huck
from google image

When I see the word Outlaw I have images of bandana's and masked faces riding after Roy Rodgers, one of  my favorite Western heroes.
google image
Then I think of the 1930's and Bonnie and Clyde

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Bonnie and Clyde

 with the FBI  and J. Edgar Hoover in fast pursuit. Lastly the image of the Outlaw Bikers Gang  with wild tattoo's and motorcycles comes to mind.   I decided I best look up the word Outlaw to see its basic meaning.  So it can mean fugitive from the law, habitual criminal, and/or social non-conformist.  I think they probably all apply in this genre if you think about it...a fugitive from the laws of printmaking art, a habitual criminal of breaking basic printmaking basics, and social non-conformisism needs no explanation with this group or most artists.  Sean Starwars kindly led me through the history of the group.  So with a little added research I will give it go at outlining this group for you.  I think they are quite wonderful! I love the energy of Outlaws, but I just don't want anybody messing with my Roy Rodgers and Trigger! I need to find my Roy Rodgers badge!!

Tom Huck 
Bill Fick 

Richard Mock 

Tom Huck, Bill Fick, Richard Mock are names that are at the foundation of the movement.  I have provided links for each artist, so you can get a more in depth look at their art and history coming into this group.  I also will include a couple of videos that give more insight into the group and how a movement in art begins(or at least that is how I see it).  Each artist has a distinct style, the common expression is evident, as well as, a passion for printmaking. 

Big Boss Cat by Bill Fick      from google image

 This a grainy sort of iPhone film in a dark bar and you here these excited voices talking about the beginning of a movement and the artists who are at the center of it.   I was reminded of Black Mountain with Rauschenberg, Twombly, Cunningham and Cage.  The grainy dark film in a bar with artists deep into conversation almost adds to the movements mystic beginnings.  There is an excitement and passion you can feel about starting something new almost as if you just walked in and over heard the challenging the status quo of the art establishment!  It also harkens back to Dadaism or the Impressionists...movements begin in reaction to the time, culture and staid rules of the art establishment(whether that be, galleries, museums, schools, or art critics).

Family by  Richard Mock     from google image
Tom Huck mention influences of Daumier and Albrect Duer, but also R. Crum who did illustrations and cartoons for early films. 
We will end here for this post and continue on for section two to look more in depth to the artist and movement of the Outlaw Printmakers.
Early influencer of Outlaw Printers... R. Crumb  from google image

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Sean Starwars, Outlaw Printer


One of the treats of the Printpalooza was being introduced to a new artist, Sean Starwars.  Sean's work stands out and almost hits you smack in the face when you walk into a room.  It can not be ignored. It is bold and dynamic.  His work calls out to you as if a tv set that is on and sending out cultural sos signals and images of  Darth Vader Mississippi,  dinosaurs, Mountain Dew cans, robots and guns. His work is edgy funky modern, but hailing from a printing past of rich tradition from the Japanese Wood Block Prints. Sean's work has humor and hints of fun behind a deeper message of cultural icons and myth.  
Sean is generous warm engaging and passionate about his art and printmaking.  He is productive and energetic in his approach to his work.  He recently committed himself to a project doing 52 wood block carvings and a week!  And he did it!  Sean teaches high school art, is married and has 4 children.  With all that he finds time to be a productive artist.  I admire that.  I have heard many a teacher say that don't have time to do art because they are teaching art.  I think it is essential to do both.  One makes you a better artist, the other makes you a better teacher, and both make you a better human being.
Sean told me about the history of Outlaw Printmakers which I was clueless about.  So I decided to dedicate myself to researching about the Outlaw printers that started in the 1990's and write an article for you.  That will be our next post, the history of Outlaw Printing.

Sean talking to Betsy Wood who brought her University students to the even

  Printpalooza  at the Leepa Rattner Museum

varying carving tools
Carving tools Set

laying out the design

Working on Birch Wood
Just love the simplicity of this photo

Fox in the Hen House

stack of wood block carvings ready for printing
demonstrating for the kids
Portrait of Sean without Sean

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