Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reza Abrassi, Iranian/Persian Artist of Minatures

I so often concentrate on Western centered art and artists I often forget to focus on Middle Eastern Art and Artists.  The time I spent living in Turkey opened my eyes to so many different areas and styles of art than those I had studied in college or been exposed to in my own country.  I especially fell in love with miniature paintings and illuminations in journals and albums.   I had many wonderful visits to the Tokapi Palace Museum in Istanbul.  I wandered the grounds and viewed the large collection in absolute awe.  I was studying Islamic and Turkish Folk arts at the time.  I had applied to see Suleiman The Magnificent's journals, but thought it was not going to happen because I was at the end of my two year stay.  And wouldn't you know the last few weeks it was ok'd.   I had to rush about getting all the stamps and signatures I needed, but happen it did!  I got to hold those precious journals in my own two hands. It will always be one of my major life events!  As I was researching Iranian Artist I ran across Reza Abbsasi.  His work reminded me much of the style I had seen in Sueliman's journals.  This one was captivating because it is of a portrait of the artist painting.  The blues in the turban are striking, as well as the bright red in his robe.  The left leg angle and body positioning is also interesting.  Reza was one of the few miniature artists of his time that signed his work, dated it and often put interesting side comments.  His work is also known by the gold background and oft single figure.  There is a museum named in his honor, the Reza Abbasi Museum.  

Reza Abbasi

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