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Suleiman the Magnificent

Suleiman The Magnificent(click for link)

by Titan            from google image
Titan did four portraits of Suleiman 

Researching the post for Reza Abbasi became fascinating for me as I realized he had painted miniatures for the Ottoman Empire.  Walking the grounds of the Topkapi, gazing at their massive collection of treasures and  having with winter winds whip across the Bosphorus chilling me to the bone...came alive again in my memories.  Turkish tea in Tulip glasses and walking the  ancient city of Istanbul will always place high among my favorite travels.  The absolute magnificence of the Blue Mosque and the Haiga Sophia, each within site of the other.  The Spice Market and the Grand Bazzar all linger in my mind almost as time travel to another era.  One walks with ghosts of a thousand years.  Standing in the court yard of the Topkapi Palace I can almost feel the presence of Suleiman himself, his long robes flowing, his angular face, and the leader of the largest empire in the world...The Law Giver.  

Tugra of Suleiman the Magnificent
He was a man of art, poetry, architecture and tolerance who built a city where there were mosques, churches and synagogues. He was a man of uncommon vision at a time when it would have been easier to be less so.  I found myself enamored with this man who loved learning, who could do battle, but write tender poetry to his wife Roxana.  A man who would send ships to Spain to save hundreds of Jewish people from the horrible times of the Inquisition.  An enigma of a man and a leader, but so fascinating.  I thought you might like to know more about the times and the art., so here are some links for you.  
The Age of Suleiman The Magnificent
The Art of the Turkish Miniature

The sense of a perspective is so interesting during this time.  It is a simple perspective that is  raised  so that depth is achieved by drawing the background higher in the art work.  The hand and body positions are stylized and stilted.  The colors are bright and bold.  As I told you in an earlier post getting to hold one of these albums in my hands was an awesome moment in my life.  You can read and read about something, but when you hold it in your hands, you feel it, then it is no longer a story or a is history really happened!  It is the same feeling I got at Ephesus, the ancient Greco/Roman city, when I put my hands down in the ruts of the marble road and felt the chariot tracks....before that this was just something in a Hollywood movie or a dusty history book, then it became real and it touched my life forever.

Minatures done for Military Campaign album
post script/spelling 
As I enter the name Suleiman in the computer, it wants to correct me to Suleilman...if anyone want to email me an tell me the correct spelling I am would be happy to know.
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