Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outrageous, fun, wild is Dennis McNett!

After our visit with Sean Starwars' we learned about the movement of the Outlaw Printmakers.  That research has led to a discovery of more artists and a new network of artists.  Sean has recommended more artists in this area for you to be aware of  and I will present them one at a time.  We will start first with Dennis McNett of Wolfbat studio.  

The Art of Dennis McNett(click)

Viking Parades of Dennis McNett  from google image

Dennis is in the same vein and style of the Outlaw printers.  His lines are bold and come right at you with a force not to be denied.  There is a raw fun with these printers.  Dennis does installations about skateboarders and Vikings that are so engaging.  They are just totally different than what the staid art of the status quo has been.  They wake you up and say...things can be different, things can be can be a parade, a circus....and this takes me to Andy Calder and circus mini sculptures he made in Paris intertaining other artists and friends with.  Calders circus was different than the art of the time and pure fun, that is what I see in this vein of printers and Dennis McNett.  There are clickable links above for you to learn more about Dennis. I highly encourage you to do so.  I think this is a movement we should all pay attention to...the energy, the creativity and the courage to form a new path are all the elements that make a group into a movement and form a new style in the art world.  

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