Saturday, April 28, 2012

Durer, an Influence on Outlaw Printmakers and All

ALBRECHT DURER(click for link)
Printer Unparalleled 

The Rhinoceros by Durer
 from google image

google image

These are two of my favorite Durer etchings and for completely different reasons.  The Rabbit or Hare has long been a favorite for its pure elegance in skill and representation of nature.  Besides I love rabbits!  Albrecht Durer is who I always think of if I think of the best example of excellence in etching and print making.  The Outlaw PrintMakers often give a nod to him as one of their main influences among others. 
The Rhinoceros is one of my favorite etching for its history,  scientific value, and lastly how our brains perceive things. I often used this print in teaching students about converting a written   description to a visual one.  It made for a very interesting lesson.  The story about Durer's Rhino print goes like this.....Rhino's had not been seen in Europe yet, a friend sent a letter with a description of a rhino and Durer makes a sketch based on the description in his friends letter.  The story varies a bit upon more research, but it not majorly. 
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