Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Peru! A real showing from Asia. It is a pleasure to have Asia and South America aboard! We are really growing. It is so wonderful to build a world of artists! Don't forget you can join and be a follower.
The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.
Piet Mondrian

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Detail from New Work

I thought I would highlight
close ups of my most recent piece, " Wet Dreams". Sometimes it is easy to miss the details for looking at the larger piece. There is so much symbolism that one can intuitively tap into just by being a conduit of a time and society. Artists are often that, a conduit, expressing our times just by living in a culture, a time and place. My time in South East Asia at the end of the Vietnamese war effected me deeply. When Viet Nam fell and refuges fled, I was a young art teacher on Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines. People came on rafts, in boats and any thing that would teachers we were ask to help get names, and settle children. We processed through 70,000 adults and children . War is never good, people die, people are injured, lose their homes, separated from families...remember the song, "War, What is it Good For"?

Welcome Worlds Followers

Welcome Belgium and Chile! It is nice to have you aboard!!!

Trouble Posting Comments? Try This!

This is a note from my nephew Jared, who is much more technical than his Aunt(me). Some readers had told me they were having trouble leaving comments, so I ask for his help. This is his comment and I hope it will be helpful to all my readers! If you still have problems, let me know and will go back to the JaredTechnoSoultionsCenter.
"They can post to your blog anonymously with no account, or, if they want their name to show up beside the post, they will need to have an account with one of the services shown in the picture I attached. Probably in most cases they will have a google account which will then require them to sign into their google account and automatically go through a couple more steps to create a blogger account. I tried posting both ways--anonymously and through google--and both worked fine."

Dali Museum/St. Petersburg, Florida/A Must See!

Salvador Dali Museum/St. Petersburg, Florida
There are two museums dedicated to Dali's work, one is in Figures, Spain and the other is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Both are excellent and contain a large collection of his work. Having been to both, I can highly recommend each for different reasons. The museum in Figures, Dali designed himself, so walking through the museum is like walking through a piece of Dali's work. It is unpredictable, dramatic, and highly creative. The new Dali Museum in Florida is stunning. The architecture is creative, dynamic, and awe inspiring. The architects also designed the glass triangular structure that is part of the Louvre.
    The new Dali is designed by internationally acclaimed architect Yann Weymouth of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. (HOK). He worked alongside architect I.M. Pei on the renovation of the Louvre in Paris.

The helix designed stairs are a favorite part of the new architecture for me. Originally they wanted a double helix, as in Dali's art work, but structurally it was best to have one.
Dali's work shines in this museum, all of his collection can be shown at once.
In the old museum, only sections of his work could be seen at one time, and the whole collection had to be rotated. There is only one disappointment for me in the new museum, and that is where the large master works hang. In the old museum they had a large venue and viewing area on two levels, outside light poured in from the ceiling making view with natural light possible. Now each is boxed in separate sections and one can not have the distance to view them nor sit and contemplate them for longer periods of time. No matter how many times I see the master works I still see new things in them every time.
I would suggest making it a priority to visit St. Petersburg, Florida and seeing this Dali Museum.
You will not be disappointed and you can also view the only Dale Chihuly Museum besides the original in Seattle, Washington. Not to mention St. Petersburg is a beautiful tropical beach area for a vacation.
Photos by Ann Suggs

Monday, August 29, 2011

Going, Going Gone!!!!

Saying goodbye to an art work
is a hard thing. It was a labor of
love. This piece I worked day and
night all in a relatively short period
of time...still weeks, but I had to
say goodbye too soon. With it went
pieces of me and my history. But
nothing means more to me than having
someone love it as much as I do, who
really understands the piece. I certainly
don't mind it sharing a room with a Chihuly!

I love learning about who
buys a piece and why. In this
case I was able to and delighted with
where my art work found a home.
A physician who heals in trauma care.
Someone well traveled and loves other
cultures. Simpatico, I think the Spanish
call it.

I thought you would get a laugh out of how I got the art work to the museum, it has its own seat belt own! I rode in the back seat, while my partner Ann drove. I held on to the piece with one hand and let the seat belt do the rest! Who says artists aren't creative people!?

Dali Museum/Liquid Desires Event

This a view of the top balcony
on the main exhibition floor.
The views are awesome from
the top or the bottom!

Here I am with my partner Ann,
of twenty years. Having a supportive
partner in life and art is one of the world's
special gifts!
The new Dali Museum is a work
in itself. The stair case should
remind you of a helix. And the
glass should remind you of the

In the photo below is Mike, he is a skilled carpenter and with his help, my work was solid, could be handled without fear of breakage, and solid as a rock! Thanks to one fine person!

Symbol of Woman, symbol of love, symbol of Motherhood

This is a close detail of the front of the art work for the Dali Museum. I wanted to highlight this for you and give you a bit more information. I found a picture of my Mother form the 1940's. If you look closely you will see her profile repeated twice in this section. The war planes are a reference to all wars, a nod to Dali's ants, and World War II. My Father was stationed in Guam with the Army Air Corp. He was a raido man on a B 52 Bomber. My Mother was alone, raising my brother in Mississippi. My Father did not see his son until Don was 5 years old. The dress form also has references to my Mothers expertise in sewing, it was beyond hobby, it was the skill of a tailor. She also was a science major, teaching biology, chemistry and physics as a young teacher. Her image reminded me of Gala, Salvador Dali's wife. I remember one photo, that he had put a halo over her head like an angel or saint. My Mother was truly a person that knew what unconditional universal love was. She taught me to respect all people, animals and life on this planet. She was the universal figure of Motherhood and that is how I used her picture and the symbology in this art work. Lela, a beautiful name, that is also the name of love.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams, Rêves Humides, sueños mojados,влажные сновидения, sogni bagnati,sonhos molhados....That is the title of my piece.

I originally had planned to do a two dimensional piece. The day I walked into the studio I walked past an antique dress form I bought years ago. It was a little more expensive than I had wanted and paid bit by bit until I had paid in full. Then it sat in my studio until I began to work on the piece for the Dali, "Liquid Desires Event". As I walked past, it seemed to call to me. I picked it up, sat it on my studio table and the soft morning light brought out the soft rounded forms of antique cotton and woman's shape. From there I began a ritual I often do for almost all of my creations...I surround myself with possibilities...I try this piece and that, like a puzzle with hundreds of combinations. Then as I work a composition starts, almost like music, it flows, to an upbeat and down, to bass and treble, then each part seems to come together and finally it all seems right and I say aha! There! I see you! And it is then all seems right with my artistic soul.
The photo above is an old image I saved from years ago. I keep a file and when something catches my eye, I keep it, never knowing at the time where it will find its home. The close up is also the pupil of an eye, a double vision that Dali used so often. You also see circles and dots floating thought the piece as a method of unifying the images. I have always loved Dali's painting of his dead brother that is made with a series of dots, and also again in the The Hallucinogenic Toreador
there are dots that begin to transform into other images.On the rear of the Assemblage is an early picture of a Javanese woman from an old 1930's photo almbum I bought at an antique store. The album was filled with photographs of a wealthy man from Miami who evidently traveled the world. Her image is mysterious, looking out at you from the past. She wears a sarong and no top. As you may notice her breast are rounded and circular that repeat again in shape like the circles that transform into her face and then in to black circles.
The black netting has many meanings, like a Spanish woman's mantilla, a fisherman's net, a sexy woman leg hose...but for me it has even more personal meaning-it was my Aunt Josephine's hair net from the 1950's.

This is a close up of a porcelain hand that was originally a glove mold. A close friend bought it for me hoping some day I would use it in art work. On this side of the porcelain hand I had done photo transfers of a crowd scene in Asia. I wanted the repetition of circles, the Asian influence, and the high contrast of black and white. I also wanted the mystic of the past.
On the back side of the dressmakers form the netting does an interesting thing I had not first noticed, it takes the form of a woman's thighs and legs. Sitting above the dress form is an old drawer to a peddle sewing machine. My Mother was an an accomplished seamstress among many of her talents. In another view you will see a close up of the metal and stone artifacts on the sewing drawer which have phallic and sexual references as much of Dali's art does.
The miniature glass bottles refer back to a assemblage art that Dali did with a black coat and shot glasses filled with green alcohol. These were originally a watchmakers collection filled with parts for repairing watches.
Dadaism evolves into Surrealism in a time when the world seemed askew, not unlike the present. Dali, Breton, Duchamp and Giacommeti were influenced by the times that seemed so chaotic and the thinkers of the day. Freud's psychological theories of dreams symbology and sexuality all play into the art that they are creating. If you are interested read more about the revolution of objects and Nadja. This work of art is influenced and gives a nod to these men and their times. I find myself very comfortable in the world of surrealism. As I look back at my art over the years I think I have been a surrealist more often than not.

Success at the Dali


In my mixed media world of art I had a piece of art chosen to be one of 15 to be auctioned off at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The fundraiser last night was well attended and a great deal of fun. The event was called, "Liquid Desires", named after on of Dali's paintings. In the photo below I am standing with Peter who is the Education director at the museum. Peter is a wonderful, generous human being. We have been friends over twenty years.

Standing next to a replica of Dali's Egg Sculpture is myself, and my friend Jorge(Columbia) and Mirasu(Spain).

Event attendees dressed for the Dali look!
a very well attended fund raiser for the Zodiac Group, a membership club within the Dali Museum.I am standing with my piece before the bidding begins. The room and venue were wonderful. If you haven't been to the museum it is well worth the trip. People come from all over the world to see this awesome new structure and the American collection of Dali's work. Close up of my art work in the next sequence of the blog.
My found object sculpture is made with photo transfers, rusted metal, porcelain, netting, wood, and an antique dress form from England. A shout out to all my English friends!
Salvidor Dali's Flaming Giraffe! Oh my is he tall, he can nibble on the lights of the ceiling!

The Bridge Between My Art Worlds

When I began this blog I started it as an artist who is journeying from a known art style to exploring new media without ever showing you my mixed media world. In my most familiar world I am a mixed media, found object, modern, conceptual artist. These past two years because of a life challenging illness I needed to rest more and took local classes exploring two media that were new to me, glass and clay. My class and teacher have been loving and caring and supportive. The time has allowed me to rest and refocus, to add more and appreciate more in my life.
I thought I should share both worlds with you. I have very different parts of me in art, expression of myself and my ideas. As you view both, they might seem very different to you. At first I thought as well, but as I look I see it is all the same, no matter what I touch it will be collaged, bits and pieces put together, puzzled out, thought out, with hundreds of decisions and choices until it fits...aha, just right!
I will continue sharing my glass and clay world and struggles, as well as, my main focus of found art assemblage and collage.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Success at the Dali

Tomorrow I will post pictures, it is late here now. The Salvador Dali Museum event went well and my art work sold! Always a good feeling for an artist! May your day go well as well. I look forward to sharing the event with you soon.

Honoring the Everday Artist.
There are world famous artist, and even locally noted artist and then there is the every day artist who is not pretentious who does not seek fame or notoriety, but who loves doing art for the sake of doing art. And that is my life time friend Ann. I have known her since we were young teachers, before marriage and before the birth of her talented son, Chris(check out his blog Doodles on my blog list), and before retirement and the care taking of aged parents. Our lives have intertwined and we are more family than friends. But as much as any famous artist Ann, has influenced me. Her love of art, her talent, the ease that she moves from one media to another. There are many artist out there like my friend, who seek nothing more than the enjoyment of doing art. They are as talented many artist I see in shows and galleries and museums, but they do not choose to be there. They only choose to do art for the love of doing art.
Ann's work is fun, it is loving, and humorous often. She taught a career as a high school art teacher, as an unsung hero of herding teenagers into a room, getting there hard won attention, and teaching them art. She was much loved by her students, all the while being a Mom and wife. It is the everyday heroes we all forget in this world, we are so attuned to fame these days. The Hiltons, the Kardasians, and 15 minute famers. Ann can go from clay to watercolor, to acrylic to floor painting, to painting her shows curtains and stained glass all with the greatest of ease. It amazes me and always has. I had cups and sugar bowls she threw for me years ago that sit in my cabin in Asheville North Carolina. I have a wonderful male Christmas angel with a black mustache that still makes me laugh. I have a wonderful clay and cloth animal/person doll she made me years ago that I still cherish. I will share more of Ann's work later. These images were from her garden, a magic garden. Lets sing the praises of the Everyday Artist!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Egypt!!! Our world map is filling in with all your help. It is so exciting to reach out across the world and meet new friends.
I apologize for the lack of post today. I am working on a piece that is due today for the Salvidor Dali Silent Auction. It is due today. Hopefully, I will have pictures for you tomorrow and the Dali Museum will have a successful night!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


These are some of the people in my glass and clay classes. They all come to art for different reasons and backgrounds. So why do art at all? Why do these people choose to drive from different cities and communities to come to our community center weekly.

Some are from other countries, as my friend Monica. She is from Peru and has a masters in Latin American art history. It is one thing to study other artist and have an appreciation of art as a subject and it is another to become the artist. And that is what Monica has done, and is doing...becoming the artist. Her works are charming and colorful and burst forth with hints of an ancient culture. She will you on any given day centering clay is the hardest thing she has ever done! Anyone who has thrown clay knows that frustration. But she is winning the battle!

In the photo below you see one of my classmates who is such a wonderful glassmaker...she can do everything, cut wonderfully, use frit on great images, and combine fantastic combinations of glass. She drives a long way to come to our class. She bring a professional, organized approach that is wonderful. She loves the craft of doing glass. She applies herself in learning and perfecting techniques. I think the craft of learning and perfecting is her calling to glass and art.
My classmate Maryanne is an amazing person. She is a full time Mom, a stewardess for an airlines, a teacher, and a person who loves doing art for herself, but I think more for others. She is constantly giving to others:knitting scarves for holocaust survivors, working on something for a friend of school. So I think she comes to art for the love of giving and the love of expressing that giving nature.

And here is one of the most beautiful on poignant relationships in our class. Carole and her Mom. Carole, works at the local university and her 89 year old Mother has painted all her life. They come together, share time together, and caring flows easily. They love art and making with their hands, they love spending time together, and they love supporting each other. Art makes all these things possible for Carole and her Mom. It makes our class richer in the warmth they share with us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome Hungary!!!! Love to hear about Art and Artist in there, please feel free to share.

Poodle in Bottle caps!

Poodle in Bottle Caps
I found this artist work while window shopping in Asheville, North Carolina. Bellagio is a wonderful store with hand made artist designed clothing. Someday I will own a piece! As I walked by this art work caught my eye, a dog made in found objects. It is so interesting how an artist creates and how an artist creates. I thought it was funky and fun and creative. How about you?

Wonderful World of Children's Art

Children's Art is a Unique and Wonderful World

This is some of my students work when I was teaching summer school at a school for the artistically talented.
We were working on using unusual materials and mixed media art. I showed them how to do simple photo transfer, gave them a few ideas, piled unique materials on a table, and let them go...see what wonderful things they made!

A trip to the hardware store provided most of these unusual and usually non-tradional art materials.

Letting children have freedom to express themselves, solve problems and have time to experience the artistic process results in not only an end product, but building critical thinking skills.
You can see in the photo's how involved the students are, totally absorbed. As a teacher I can tell you that is a unique thing to have in a classroom and a good thing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome Brazil !!!!!

Gaudi a Master in Glass and Stone

We learn from other artist, viewing their work, turning over their concepts and ideas in our mind. Why one artist appeals to us over another has to do with something with in ourselves. Some artist speak to many peoples hearts and souls, and some artist to only a few. There are artist I like that are well known and those that are not, but each offers me something I had not thought of or seen before. Think of art as a time capsule, and in that capsule their is carried ideas and thoughts of another culture and time....what people valued as beautiful or not.
Gaudi believed in his work and had vision far greater than others of his time. One of the saddest things I read about Gaudi was that he died penniless going from house to house begging for money to finish his gran cathedral La Famila. All of his work is captivating, but the la family is the grandest of his projects. When I was there, it was said the workmen working their today will not live to see it finish, and the next generation may not as well, but the work continue. d
This is an inside detail of the Skeletal House. In the upper section there is room almost as you go out from the roof, it is carved like inside a are inside a nautilus sea shell!

On the outside of the house you can see the concrete bones coming down in front of the windows and the fluid concrete that surround all. The lower windows open to pull in air for an innovative air system that kept the house cool on hot Barcelona days.
You may want to check out this site to learn more about Gauid and his work.

Think of the artist that have influenced you and why. Sometimes we are just drawn to something with out figuring out why until much later in our lives. Artist change us, just by the viewing of their work and the visual conversation that is being had with all who view!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaudi/Barcelona/Two of my favorite things

I love Barcelona. It was a love story from the beginning. Everything Spanish draws me, as it is partially my roots, here in Tampa. We have Spanish, Cuban, Italian and a whole bunch of other folks. But Ybor city and West Tampa were a strong influence. So when I went to Barcelona it was a bit like coming home. They I saw Gaudi's architecture and was awed beyond belief. How could someone make hard rectangular concrete...look soft, dripping, melting , curved and sensual? Gaudi was a master. Someday I hope to be there again on Los Rambles having cafe con leche!
Gratzi Italy! Another reader, it is so good to have you!
Thank you Canada, your readership is growing on my site. I thank you.
Thank you Argentina, Costa Rica, Japan, Indonesia, India, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Spain, France, and the United States!!!! I am truly humbled by your following.
Welcome Philippines!!!! Magandan Umaga! It is with great joy I see a reader from the Phillipines. I lived in Olongapo for three years and loved every minute of it. I love the country and the people. I will be glad to share Filipino artist and sites on my blog. Thanks so much for coming aboard.
Creativity influences Good Design
I think the quote is "Form Follows Function". I appreciate good design where ever I see it. It is alway a win win situation when artist work with engineers or planners to come up with a stronger design. This is a bike rack in downtown St. Petersburg Florida, a city that is making a commitment to the arts. With the Salvador Dali Museum, Dale Chihuly Museum, Morean Art Center, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, and wonderful galleries and public art, St. Petersburg has highlighted the importance of art in a community. The arts bring in more money to a community that sports do. I know some of you are shaking you head and thinking that can't be, but the statistics are overwhelming. Working in art advocacy it is a fact I know well. So help your community invest in the arts, build a strong community and a stronger financial future at the same time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funky Fused, Blown and Cast Glass
I would love to be able to do glass on this level.
I was recently at a gallery opening and saw this work. It is fun, edgy, and spirited. The colors are wonderful and I love the three pieces shown together. I know we all see artist at shows and catch a piece just at a passing glance that we might have missed. I looked at my photo's and there this was just peaking out at me. Now I will have to go back and find out the name of this artist to share with you. Every artist should be honored!

This is a story that is close to my heart. Many years ago I met two young social workers who had an interest in art and helping people. They were only in their twenties, but they had an idea and passion for their plan. Together they got grants, raised money and built Creative Clay. It serves developmentally challenged adults who have no place to go after graduation from public school programs for the disabled. Here artist and teachers are brought in the work and teach classes for these young adults. The program has been very innovative in building community partners and events. The young people sell their work in the gallery. I recently attended an art open house and was once again reminded of the spirit, passion, and free creative spirit these young people have. Yes, I bought a piece of art, which I will photograph and share with you. I will be adding Creative Clay to my sites I like on the right of the blog, so you may also share in their journey! This is not just a good thing on this Earth, it is a great thing!
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