Thursday, August 18, 2011

Raku Garden Light

I was working with the idea of
another pot sculpture in mind
and did not have as much clay
rolled out as I thought. I looked
at it a minute and the idea popped
in my head, leave the bottom open.
I pictured in my mind, the raku sagent
green glaze shimmering in my garden.
And then came the idea that sprung
forth to completion. Why not leave
it open, and put one of my solar garden
lights inside. You can see how it will look
in the day time. I will take a picture later
in the evening for you to see how it looks
at night.
Looking through the tunnel and
imaging how the light will look
in the evening.
A close up of the deep sculptural
texture I like to do. There is something
so freeing about letting your tools
be an extension of your feelings!
I like an uneven top and overlapping
sides almost stitching the clay together
it has a sewn Mother would
be so pleased. She tried to teach me to
sew, now look I can!-With clay!!
The colors are so vibrant and rich, it is almost like pistachio ice cream with caramel on top!
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