Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clay with High Relief

Clay is a wonderful media, it is so flexible and forgiving. If you make a mistake, no matter, just knead it and roll it back out. You can start all over again! You can pinch it, punch it and carved into it.
When you let it get leather hard then you can carve wonderful designs. I love texture and line, as you might see in this plaque. Sometimes I use a pencil point or the eraser end to jab into the clay making patterns or designs. If you are really mad or tense about something clay is wonderful-you can take it all out on the clay!

This clay piece will be part of a plaque and in the square areas I carved away will go found objects or fossils or some material nature. I bisque fired it, and then put iron oxide stain. Iron oxide has a matt finish and is almost raw in its look

The holes are for looping leather or a natural fiber through to connect the piece. When it is finished I will post it as well to show you. It is one of many pieces in process. I am distractive that way, moving from one thing to another, then coming back again when it feels right!
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