Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dali Museum/St. Petersburg, Florida/A Must See!

Salvador Dali Museum/St. Petersburg, Florida
There are two museums dedicated to Dali's work, one is in Figures, Spain and the other is in St. Petersburg, Florida. Both are excellent and contain a large collection of his work. Having been to both, I can highly recommend each for different reasons. The museum in Figures, Dali designed himself, so walking through the museum is like walking through a piece of Dali's work. It is unpredictable, dramatic, and highly creative. The new Dali Museum in Florida is stunning. The architecture is creative, dynamic, and awe inspiring. The architects also designed the glass triangular structure that is part of the Louvre.
    The new Dali is designed by internationally acclaimed architect Yann Weymouth of Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc. (HOK). He worked alongside architect I.M. Pei on the renovation of the Louvre in Paris.

The helix designed stairs are a favorite part of the new architecture for me. Originally they wanted a double helix, as in Dali's art work, but structurally it was best to have one.
Dali's work shines in this museum, all of his collection can be shown at once.
In the old museum, only sections of his work could be seen at one time, and the whole collection had to be rotated. There is only one disappointment for me in the new museum, and that is where the large master works hang. In the old museum they had a large venue and viewing area on two levels, outside light poured in from the ceiling making view with natural light possible. Now each is boxed in separate sections and one can not have the distance to view them nor sit and contemplate them for longer periods of time. No matter how many times I see the master works I still see new things in them every time.
I would suggest making it a priority to visit St. Petersburg, Florida and seeing this Dali Museum.
You will not be disappointed and you can also view the only Dale Chihuly Museum besides the original in Seattle, Washington. Not to mention St. Petersburg is a beautiful tropical beach area for a vacation.
Photos by Ann Suggs
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