Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh, I see the Light!

Lighting make a

I thought you be interested in seeing how taking a photo of these (textured hand stamped pieces) seem a different color thought they are the same. I took the photo on the far left with the flash on and room lights which added a great deal of yellow. The photo on the right is without flash. Which is the accurate color, the one on the right with the bluer tones. I can go into my photo programs and digitally take out the yellows, but just by not using the flash I get truer colors. These pottery pieces were formed over a mold, after the stamped design had been applied. They are let dry to leather hard before being removed form the mold, so the shape will hold. They are then bisque fired, glazed and fired again. I wanted some trays that I would served lots of people for family and parties. I love the acorn stamp. I did a positive and negative relief on both sides.

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