Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Bridge Between My Art Worlds

When I began this blog I started it as an artist who is journeying from a known art style to exploring new media without ever showing you my mixed media world. In my most familiar world I am a mixed media, found object, modern, conceptual artist. These past two years because of a life challenging illness I needed to rest more and took local classes exploring two media that were new to me, glass and clay. My class and teacher have been loving and caring and supportive. The time has allowed me to rest and refocus, to add more and appreciate more in my life.
I thought I should share both worlds with you. I have very different parts of me in art, expression of myself and my ideas. As you view both, they might seem very different to you. At first I thought as well, but as I look I see it is all the same, no matter what I touch it will be collaged, bits and pieces put together, puzzled out, thought out, with hundreds of decisions and choices until it fits...aha, just right!
I will continue sharing my glass and clay world and struggles, as well as, my main focus of found art assemblage and collage.
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