Monday, August 29, 2011

Going, Going Gone!!!!

Saying goodbye to an art work
is a hard thing. It was a labor of
love. This piece I worked day and
night all in a relatively short period
of time...still weeks, but I had to
say goodbye too soon. With it went
pieces of me and my history. But
nothing means more to me than having
someone love it as much as I do, who
really understands the piece. I certainly
don't mind it sharing a room with a Chihuly!

I love learning about who
buys a piece and why. In this
case I was able to and delighted with
where my art work found a home.
A physician who heals in trauma care.
Someone well traveled and loves other
cultures. Simpatico, I think the Spanish
call it.

I thought you would get a laugh out of how I got the art work to the museum, it has its own seat belt own! I rode in the back seat, while my partner Ann drove. I held on to the piece with one hand and let the seat belt do the rest! Who says artists aren't creative people!?
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