Friday, April 27, 2012

Sean Starwars' recommended we get to know the Hancock brothers.  Sean is taking us on a tour of Outlaw printmaking.  He is our lets take a look at these amazing brothers out of Texas.
Texas Hexes by Charles and John Hancock
from google image
Dirty Printmakers of America

Gansta Look of the Hancock Brothers  from google image

Charles and John Hancock are known as the Amazing Hancock Brothers (click) in some art circles.  Woodcuts, silkscreen prints and mixed media are their media.  They work together on mixed media prints and its difficult to identify the processes at times.  They use plastic, metal flashing, mattress covers and all kinds of recycled materials to print on.
Amazing Hancock Brothers Mixed Media Printmaking
from google image
  There is a bit of a bad boy quality to their work, they love to push things to a bit of a naughty edge. There prints are filled with Sumo Japanese wrestlers, clowns, and pits, livestock and other subjects.  They are from Texas, and figure that can get away with what ever they want...just cause!!  They are also half Mexican and half Chinese, which adds to the mystery and fun.  I think you will find there work fun and interesting if not a bit kinky.  Theirs is a world of circus mirrors that warp subjects in strange and fascinating ways. A place where our Mardi Gras selves can celebrate and party all we want without societies propriety, we can just let loose out loud as we frolic through their world of art! 
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