Friday, December 30, 2011

Ian Darragh 
(Click on Ian's name for a link to his art)

is an artist I happened upon today as I was searching for a quote to share with you.  Nothing seemed to be catching my attention and as I looked deeper into the site I found this article about a wonderful Irish artist by the name of Ian.  His work and story touched me deeply and I thought it might have meaning for you and many others.  Ian had a life of many challenges, but his art was an ever present companion until he could no longer paint or draw.
I have known many people and had many friends who have multiple sclerosis.  It can be such a debilitating disease that robs a person of their ability to function doing the most minor of things.  The beauty of Ian's art is so delicate and fragile and yet mysterious that it draws one into his paintings deeper and deeper. I cannot help but think his disease gave him a pathway to express something about how delicate and fragile life can be in a way we could not see on our own. 
In highlighting Ian's work we highlight multiple sclerosis awareness as well and those who struggle with this disease.
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