Sunday, October 2, 2011

Textures of Asheville

Textures of Ashville
Every city has its uniqueness in texture, color and sound. It takes looking past the big picture and looking like an artist. Look for the shape, the colors, the shadows, lines and textures of a place. It speaks its own language. We are so programed to look at things we are trained to know to move through a day and a our world...words, signs, print, video...and just the mass naming of objects our brains go through minute by minute. We see a car, our mind registers car. We see a stop sign our mind registers, pay attention, stop! The mind is a far more complex mechanism than any of us realize. We take most of this amazing organ we have for granted.
But now I want you to put all that aside and just look at your world a bit differently like an artist. Look at colors, the shapes and textures. Try to let your brain go and not name what you see, only see the object for the shape or color it is. Artists see that way, and many other ways. Take a mini texture trip to Asheville and then think of your world.

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