Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween on the Gulf Coast of Florida/Tampa/Hyde Park

There is something about a community and neighborhood that comes together for an event that is special. People stop their busy lives for a moment. Every thing goes back to a simpler time when sitting on the porch and waving to your neighbor was a daily event. Now, it is just on special days, but it is nice it still happens. A lot of people go all out for their decorations, it is really nice to see what they create. People often think only artists create, but actually everyone is in the act of creating in one way or another every day.
This little girl in her duck costume was just precious. Mom and Dad taking her out for her first halloween. You can see the pride and tenderness on the Mother's face. It makes me miss teaching just a wee bit. I love the sweetness and innocence of children.

I love the feel of this picture below. I could have lightened it in photoshop, but I liked it just the way it was. There was a feeling of the ending of a day, a fleeting moment when light is leaving and the night is coming. So much could be read into this photo: The end of the day, the end of excitement and fun, heading home, right behind Mom and Dad all safe and sound.

Isn't this a great photo, it almost feel like we have the viewpoint of one of the children coming up the walk saying, "Trick or Treat". The long walk leading up to the nice friendly witch looks a bit ominous and all the with candies we want at the very end!

I love the look of families together, this almost looks like a family portrait...Grandmother and two grandsons.

This spider actually moves back and forth. There is also a cat you can't see near him that moves also.

This decoration actually plays organ music. What will they think of next? Hope you enjoyed this Halloween journey down my street. Tomorrow out comes the glass, the cutting board and work begins anew for Wednesdays glass fusion class. I also have several ideas on the back burner for my mix media work that need to be put on the front burner! Happy Halloween All!
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