Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween to all

Leonardo Da Vinci, the dog, wants to wish you a Happy Halloween!
This is actually a Mardi Gras outfit from New Orleans.
Vinci is a rescue boy found wandering 4 years ago on a four lane highway. After three people cared for him, he found his way to my heart. His second year he ruptured a disk in his back and was paralyzed for a month after his surgery. We thought we would have to get him wheels to get about. But he now walks and runs with a limp, but he does fine.
I am was an art teacher, hence the name, Da Vinci. I can say he is an art dog, sitting in my lap in the studio and always my constant companion.

Halloween is not celebrated in every culture, but I am not sure which countries do and which countries don't participate. Some people think is fun and others see if as suspicious. I think it is a chance to be creative, to use one's imagination. Tonight my neighborhood will be inundated with hoard of treaters from all one the city. We are one of those neighborhood's that people think there is good booty!
For today I will post a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci in costume. My dog, Da Vinci, in costume. I would love to know if your country does celebrate Halloween and if so, how. Look forward to you feed back. If you have trouble leaving a comment, the email me at
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