Friday, October 28, 2011

New Work/Raku

Raku Sculptured Pot

This is my newest Raku piece. Last Wednesday we fired up the raku kiln. It is much more pleasant now the weather is cooler. There is nothing much hotter than doing raku in Florida in the summer! If you think collage, a piece of clay here, a stamped section there, and then shaped as if a sculpture that is how I approach my pottery. The glazes used are a sagent green which bring out coppers and gold tones and a white crackle for contrast. The areas left unglazed turn black in the oxygen reduction process of the firing. This is not a huge piece as it may look in the photo, it is a small piece, but oh so sweet.

I love making areas that are like emblems or patches, then adding them on to the surface of the pot. I like texture working against texture, and marked contrast. I am not a potter as such, I am an mixed media artist learning about pottery and glass fusion. I am learning how to bring these experiences back to my mixed media world. I am also allowing myself to just relax and try something totally different...not worrying about anything, but enjoying the media and seeing what it will do if I approach it without rules or expectations. I just want to experiment and play and break the rules...fresh eyes, new approach, discoveries along the way.

I make my own stamps out of clay. I try to keep making them and have a number waiting for my use at any one time. There are many versions of stamps. The can be small single stamps, they can be cylinders that roll, or curved rectangles that rock back and forth. Texture mats are very helpful as well. The wave portion on the section above is done by a texture mat.

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