Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Transition between two Worlds
Today I near the end of my stay in Asheville for now, hopefully to be back in October or November. As I sit by the fire with Da Vinci snuggled up I think of all the art I didn't get done this trip, but I know I took time to fill the bank of experiences and images that will come out later when I do art. I think it is so important for artist to realize sometimes they need to not do anything, to be quite, to reflect. For me as an artist there is a deep reservoir that I must stay in touch with and replenish. I can only do that in quite times by myself. I know families and partners my not always understand us, but it is essential to our creative being. I have not relaxed as much as I would have liked, there was much to do with the house and studio that dealt with repairs after a rental period. But my drives to Potato Branch road, looking at the family farms(that remind me so of England and Wales), visiting with my mountain friends who fed me well, and experience the culture and art of this area of the world has been renewing to my creative self. When I head back to the Florida palms, the warmer more humid weather, I will leave behind the blue mountains with turning falls leaves. I will leave behind the chill of fall coming and the pumpkin patches and scarecrow decorations. I will leave behind a culture that is so different from my Tampa/Cuban/Italian/Greek community I love equally as well. It is like having two lovers both with wonderful exciting possibilities. I am fortunate I can go between both.
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