Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joseph Cornell/The Artists Artsit

Joseph Cornell
I want you to get to know one of my favorite artist and influences in mixed media art. Cornell was one of the first artists to use the box as his canvas for art. He built miniature worlds inside old boxes with scrapes of paper and found objects. He rarely sold his work, but gave it to friends and family. His work is like visual poetry and also a bit like a dream world. His work was collected for years by other famous artists. After his death his work was salvaged by well known NYC artists and stored in a warehouse so that would not be lost. Now you find his work at MOMA and the Chicago Art Institute among other places. I will post more articles and images for you to enjoy and for us all to share. Cornell has influenced every artist, whether they know it or not, that has used boxes, collage, assemblage, or found objects in the making of art. He is not widely known, but his influence is considerable. form in websites of interest column on right hand side of the blog.
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