Monday, October 10, 2011

Asheville Sights/A progressive creative/arts and crafts town

Asheville, Arts and Crafts Center

These are the last photo's of my most recent trip to Asheville. These images give you a feeling of the artistic, progressive feel of the town. This is where Thomas Wolfe wrote about in "You Can't Go Home Again", where the Last of the Mohican's was filmed. It is where Jonas Gerard, internationally famous abstract painter has his studio, and the home of wonderful restaurants and cafes that use local and health food oriented menu's.
I highly advise a visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains, their beauty is a natural wonder. And I recommend Asheville as a wonderful place to venture from. Go on the Blue Ridge Parkway, visit the galleries and eat a wonderful restaurants like Early Girl Eatery, Table, Curate, Honey Tupelo, and so many others. Sit in one of the best Independent books stores in the country, Malaprops. It is a European town in a way, it is walkable and easy to get around. Visit the Biltmore Estate and the historic Grove Park Inn. There is much to do and enjoy. Most of all there is art, Art and crafts. Some of the finest craftsmen you will see in the United States. Enjoy.

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