Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tomorrow Printing on Clay!!!


Art class tomorrow is printing on clay! Our teacher Kathy, and I worked to come up with a recipe and techniques that are successful in putting photo images on clay. Here are two tiles and a pot I created with photo images transferred to a clay surface. The first is a nature study of insects. The second is an early geisha photo taken from my Japanese post card collection. The pot to the left is an image of my Mother when she was in college. She is now 98 and a half. She was a science teacher and biology major. She taught me a love of science and nature. One of my earliest memories is of the science department when Mother was studying for her masters degree. I was 5 and my brother was 9. We went with her to school and while she was in class we were allowed to visit the university campus. I remember the glass jars with specimens and mounted insects. I remember the old worn dark wood floors. The memories still influence my art today. I wonder what memories you have from your childhood and how they influence your art or appreciation of the arts today.
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