Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joseph Cornell/One of the Pioneers of the Assemblage

Cornell's Universe

Joseph Cornell's boxes were worlds unto themselves.

They were dreams and poetry all wrapped up together. Here is another website with photographs of a large number of

Cornell's boxes. I find a common love of old things, but not because it was garbage, but because these bits of the past are precious and things once loved and treasured. They speak to us like time travelers who reach into our world of the future and say, " I once was special, I once was held and adored". Perhaps it is nostalgia when we see something that is aged to sepia tones or crumbling a bit on the edges, or just rusted a bit...but what ever it is, these things that are fading away into another time can be appreciated and revered for what they were. They can teach us lessons if we but listen. I think that is the world I share with Cornell. When you look at his boxes, remember all the art shows, galleries, and artist you have seen-any where you see an artist that has used a box, an assemblage , or collage Cornell's influence is there. in right hand column Websites of interest)

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