Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raku, Oh Beautiful Raku!

There is nothing so beautiful to
me as Raku. It is born out of hot
blazing fire and plunged into cooler
air. The shock produces crackles in
the glaze, but with little predictability.
Judy, one of our new students tried
some new glazes this week. Look at the soft
fall orange that shifts off to a tinge of brown
hues on the top.

Here Judy is taking it out of a metal can that is used to produce an oxygen reduction effect. One the hot glowing clay piece is put into the chamber with newspaper strips, it catches on fire. The smoldering smoke is then pushed into the cracks formed by the shock of hot to cool air.

These two pieces are by another student
whose name is Maryanne. Look at the glazes on these two. I especially love the top one with warm copper tones.

I tease Maryanne, she is the only
Raku artist I know who wears high heels
and pressed jeans to fire is
a pretty messy and smokey business.
But she is a fashion plate and looks
just as pretty at the end as the beginning!

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