Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkins are Out/Must be Fall

You know its fall when the pumpkins go up for sale! There is something so beautiful and seasonal. I love the long shadows and angle of the sun at this time of year. It makes the contrast so much more interesting. Taking even a small camera along for sudden unexpected shots, a visual memory journal or ideas for art work later is a good idea. Sometimes I use it like a visual note pad.

Look at the dappled light, the range of oranges and yellows, the texture of the stems and grasses. Our minds eye takes all this in at the moment we see it, but when ones goes back and looks again there is more to see.

I am not sure if other countries sell pumpkins for fall decoration and carve them for halloween. I don't know if it is just an American custom. I would think not, but I will enjoy hearing from all of you what is done in your country. I think there is some part of us that welcomes the season like our ancient ancestors did. There is an excitement and heightening of the senses. For artist that can translate in to creativity.

I grew up in Florida where we don't really have fall. We just go from rainy season to wet. It does get a bit cooler in the winter, but there is not really a fall. I have only experienced a few falls in my life as an adult and I am just like a kid when I get to. The first turn of the leaves, the first hint of coolness, the decorations by the farm mailboxes and in the small towns. A scarecrow here and there.

In Florida when we did have pumpkins, they were trucked in from North of us, like Christmas trees. And when I was a child it was rare to see pumpkins brought down to South Florida.

I think it is not only the season, the colors or temperature, but emotion that is triggered in holidays and traditional festivities. And that emotion can translate to art in many different ways.
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