Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Making the choice to have original art is your home is a conscious deliberate plan. I have buy a piece at time, or make something myself or trade with artist friends. In Asheville I even had the good luck to find the work of a well know artist that had been given to good will charities. It was for resale at a huge discount.

The platter above is one I made. One of the first functional pieces of art I have ever made. Not perfect, but it works and I like the glaze.

The blue stone wear hand thrown plates have been with us a long time. My Partner, Ann, brought them with her from Colorado.
They are some of my favorite pieces.

The lovely wheel thrown bowl with the warm brown glaze is made by my sister in law April. She is a very good wheel person, she can throw huge bowls. The shapes are lovely and the glazes wonderful(she makes her own).

Make a commitment to art, your own and others. Choose to have original art in your home and life!
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