Friday, September 23, 2011

On the Road Again!!

Heading off of I 75 I turn on to a smaller state road, highway 301. The glimpse of small towns and people that make their living off the highway trade. Sidewalks disappear, sand dirt roads, and old buildings that speak of an early time dot the roads landscape. I like small towns and their advertising, it is more individual and creative than larger cities. Sometimes it balances on the rustic side, but I find human creativity fascinating no matter how basic.
Oranges have been Florida's gold for a long time, with the tourist who come for the milder weather. But when the economy is bad, tourist don't travel and it has been hard times for those who depend on tourist dollars.
There is still that 1950's look about Florida and wonder of something different, A 13 foot gator, Ross Allen milking rattlesnakes and the gas station with monkeys. Florida is all boom or bust. It is swamp land, Seminole Indians, hurricanes and beautiful pure white sandy beaches.
Florida, tourist and oranges. Ever since I was a small child I can remember these, with orange blossom perfume, alligator chocolates, and bags of fresh oranges to take North to your friends and relatives.
Heading out of Florida on I75 I leave the flat land behind, temperatures of 92f. The interstate is garish in its advertising signs that tower above all else. I see two truck ahead and fall in behind, we are underway Vinci and I!
Some of the quality of the photo's are poor due to taking photos in motion.

Leaving Tampa Bay area, Leonardo Da Vinci and me. The palms and low lying land, the humid tropical breezes all in my behind me heading North. A final glimpse of something so typical South Florida, The State Alligator Trapper. There are not many place you have to have a state agency for trapping alligators!

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