Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Wow! Dichroic Glass is Eye CandyThese necklace are from a new series of combinations of dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is an expensive glass that one can buy by the half pound in mixed colors. It can be on a black background, smooth or bumpy. One can buy it in chips, sticks, thick pieces or thing flat pieces. I prefer the black background with a mixture of highly textured and flat. A half pound pouch is $35 dollars wholesale. Many artist will only use chips with a regular glass because of the expense, but I love the look of it so much I do the opposite and use little regular glass.
The colors are like rainbows and pirates treasure. They are magical and catch light and reflect it back in awesome ways. When you were one of these necklaces you feel as if you are wearing emeralds, gold and diamonds..all at once!
This piece has a bubbled dichroic, a gold stick, blue highly textured striped, and one tiny piece of regular red glass. These are all 96 co-efficency. Glass is sold in 90 and 96 for fused glass work.
I like the long skinny look, it feels elegant and artsy at the same time. Some artists work has getting everything perfect and measured. I like the bumps, the turns, the unevenness. It gives a hand made, human touched quality to art. I am not a fan of slick art.
Dichroic glass takes weeks and months to make. There are only a few companies who make it. It is made is a steel compressed chamber in which metals are forced on to the surface of the glass. It is a fairly new technique. I can not find it everywhere. I wanted to work when I was in Asheville, North Carolina and no one carried it. There was plenty of stained glass, but fortunately for me right here in the Tampa, St. Pete area of Florida there is a whole seller.

I will be adding measurements, because pictures are deceiving and a site to etsy.com to connect for pricing.
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