Friday, September 30, 2011

A Virtual Day in Ashville/Blue Ridge Mountains

Lets start with breakfast! One of my favorites is Early Girl Eatery, they specialize in healthy, wholesome, and local foods. Asheville restaurants as a whole are dedicated to local foods and local farms. What a difference in taste that makes when foods are not picked green, gassed for color, and shipped across the country.
Asheville is so thick with artists that if you throw a stone, you are bound to hit one! The walls of Early Girls has doodles done on the brown paper from the tables. Most restaurant doodles are very basic, these look like an art gallery!

Here is our pick for breakfast, potato garlicky cakes with fresh home grown tomato gravy, and a whole wheat biscuit(for you Brits it is not sweet!), soft scrambled eggs, and coffee. check side website favorites for a clickable version of address)
Now that we have had our late breakfast and lunch together we are off to see the city!
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