Saturday, September 24, 2011

This the cover of a magazine showing the Savannah water front. Savannah is one of the most historic and unique cites on the Eastern Coast. It is a city of squares, blocks built around a square that is a park. It is a thriving port even now and the home of the largest St. Patty's Day Festival in the United States. It is old Southern lace, Spanish moss, and soft Southern gentle accents....Mam and Sir, but said more like Maaaam and Suh! The r's are so soft in the Southern accent they are lost to much gentler syllables. Savannah was a slaving port in the early days of its history, the ports still show the remnants of that sad time. The auctioneers walk, the old iron rings that chains were attached to holding human being captive, in holding to be sold away as if some farm animals.
There are also wonderful historic building and homes all through out the city. Seafood and Souther Cooking abound.

It is the home of Juliette Gordon Lowe,( who was the founder of the Girl Scouts in the United States. She also was a tremendous artist and made it an important part of a girl scouts experience. Go to this web site for more information on her birthplace.

Savannah is also home to the Savannah College of Arts and Design. An excellent place to receive a quality education in the arts. The school has grown to be a large part of the downtown, making it an interesting and exciting experience as one walks about seeing students sketching or hustling to class. There is so much to do in Savannah one can take tours, buses, and carriage rides. It is truly a American Southern adventure. I will add the Scad site to our websites of interest.
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