Friday, September 2, 2011



One of my favorite artist is Miro. On a trip to Barcelona I visited Miro's Museum high on the top of a hill over looking Barcelona. Up a winding road with towering trees, up the bus went and then at the top is this wonderful museum that overlooks the city and harbor of Barcelona. There are gardens, scupltures outside, and in. There is a cafe and then there is Miro! I thought I knew his work, but I truly did not. I learned so much about his life, who his artist friends were and his philosophy of art. As I listened to the documentary of his life and how he felt about art in his own terms, I became mesmerized! I felt at home, like someone put in words what I had felt all my life.
There is a good bit of the arts teacher left in me that wants to share and educate. I hope you will take the time to go to his museum if you can, it will be a treat to yourself to go. To go to Barcelona at all, is a gift to ones self. In one city you can see the works of Gaudi, Picasso and Miro. If you can not travel physically then go by the internet and visit Miro's Museum and life!

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