Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going up the coast through Jacksonville

Vinci was getting bored about the 7th hour of driving, he gives me a certain look, like are we there yet. I was taking pictures while driving, we had just come through a hard rain storm in Jacksonville and the clouds still were gathering over the savanna's on the eastern coast line of Georgia. There are many wonderful Islands like Hilton Head, and St. Simmons. There are little coastal towns like Darian and Brunswick. This is the address of the Appleton Musem of Art which is in Jacksonville. I will add it to websites of interest for your further information. Consider building a library of your own with art museums, galleries and art web sites. Support art and artist in every way you can. In these times your help in needed more that ever. It need not cost, just join or sign up for their sites and mine. I will keep a clickable list of the best museum and art sites I can find for you. You are welcome to email me with your suggestions as well.
It is interesting what one sees at a glimpse, how quickly the landscape moves by an still you are left with a feeling and an impression of the experience. The savanna's are beautiful with the saw grasses and rivers and inlets that cut through them heading out to the Atlantic Ocean. Shrimp, crabs, and mullet are bountiful, egrets, and anhinga wade through the waters looking for breakfast, while pelican's dive from high.

The clouds are magnificent hovering heavy and low on the horizon, the contrast of light to dark is dramatic. The textures of the grasses against the puffy cottons of the clouds is another contrast.
Heading in to Savana we pass an area where there is an old bridge that dots the landscape and a couple of factories, we are almost to one of the most historic cities in the South.
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