Saturday, September 3, 2011

Morean Art Center Members Show

The Alter of the Lost Earring

This mixed media piece by artist, Ann Suggs is an interesting piece. It is found object art with high relief. Ann has a wonderful sense of humor and conveys that in her art. Women lose earrings all the time, and when we do we don't want to throw the left over one away, so then we have a drawer of one piece earrings waiting to find its mate. Sort of like the sock drawer! The copper and gold leaf add to a richness of the piece.

In the photo you see friends Monica and Brian. Monica is an art historian and artist. She is from Lima, Peru. Also in the photo is artist Ann Suggs who is an artist and Suncoast Hospice Counselor.(Ann created the art work above, Alter of the Lost Earring). Laura Morris, who is to the far right is a career art teacher, Mother, and fine person.

Donna, has been taking private and college art classes.
Her work has a fluid soft movement that is very engaging and appealing. Some people in clay prefer wheel throwing and others hand building. Donna likes hand build, as do I. I think for us both it has a more sculptural feel. The clay body is a darker brown and the glaze takes very nicely to the shapes and form of the pot.
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