Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where are the Medici's Now?! 

Why is the Medici family important to us today?  What did they teach us about artists needing to have financial and creative support that would do us good stead in this day and time.Without their philanthropy and interest in the arts we would not have many master works of art.  The Sistine Chapel would not exist, and many works by Michelangelo would never have been created without their money and interest in the arts.  

So where are the Medici's of today?  Who can offer the artist's the freedom to create without the finical worry.  This is a time when there is a sharp contrast between the very wealthy and everyone else.  It is not too unlike the time of the Medici's.  People of wealth and political force can do much good or much harm.  There are many examples of rich families leaving behind a heritage of generosity for their country and citizens.  As the Kennedy's believed if a family has much wealth then it owes much to its own country and citizens.
Who are the philanthropists of today, who are the people that are putting their energy and wealth toward a renaissance and not the dark ages?  Who supports the arts and artist, who sees them as the interpreters of a civilization and its expression, who steps up past their own interests for the greater good?  Lets honor them now, lets repeat their names and thank them.  Now is the time to send in the name of anyone who is that kind of person or family...and we will honor them here. We will start our list tomorrow.  Get ready and send me names from your country or area.

Sistine Chapel   by Michelangelo       from google image

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